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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dubai and The Brochure

The original version

I was in Dubai in January on business (alas, I do have to work for a living!) and I spent quite a few hours out and about photographing the streets and lights in and around the Burj.
 have started to experiment with HDR and quite like it. There is some HDR that is overblown but in the right context, this too is a really cool way to deal with photos.
And the version used in the brochure!

The Burj Khalifa is perhaps the most photographed site in Dubai and when you are there and you see that silver needle pointing to the sky (especially at night) it is easy to understand the attraction.
There was one particular shot that I took that has been picked up by a graphics designer in Taiwan for use in a brochure distributed in the Middle East!



Monday, August 18, 2014

Monte Lupo Exhibition "MELODIC" Opens on Mount Tambourine

The colour starts at the door.
Sunday 17th August saw the opening of a new exhibition at one of the most original and unique galleries on Mount Tambourine.  The Marks and Gardner Gallery at Secret Garden is hosting the latest exhibition by Monte Lupo.

The exhibition called Melodic, is a celebration of colour and music.

Monte Lupo is a cooperative organised by the Multicap disability support organisation

Colourful ladies
Tutored by professional sculptors and potters, the artists at Monte Lupo work collaboratively to produce colourful and playful works of art. As soon as you arrive you are greeted by sculptures that set the tone for your visit to the gallery. 
The Flock out front

Marks and Gardner is unique. It continues to display quality works of art and jewellery, resisting the trend towards mass produced pieces.

Students with learning difficulties who are identified at school with artistic tendencies are offered the opportunity to train and work at the Monte Lupo workshop. Training is provided in ceramics, pottery and screen printing.

Fun and colourful sculptures
Monte Lupo currently has thirty workers with disabilities aged from eighteen to fifty five
Musical ladies of Monte Lupo
creating these works of art at their facility at Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane.

The Secret Garden has a book shop, jewellery for sale and a cafe to satisfy a range of desires.

Running from 17th August to 14th September 2014, the Monte Lupo Exhibition at Marks and Gardner is a great way to spend an afternoon at Mount Tambourine.

Monte Lupo Admirers

Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Motorsports in the Redlands

A great weekend for Motorsports in the Redland Bay area.

Mount Cotton Hillclimb .

Barry Smith and his 1936 Ford V8

Saturday was the first day of Round 3 of the TSA – SRA Hill Climb Series. Although there was a smallish crowd, there was plenty to keep the crowd entertained.  The day was a stunner with warm sunshine and clear skies making for uninterrupted racing.

Plenty of thrills and spills kept everyone amused throughout the afternoon.

Follow this link for more of the story and more pictures in the Redland City Bulletin.

Laverda Concours

106 Cubic Inch Cross Roads
Redland Showground was once again the venue for the annual Laverda Concours. This is an opportunity for bike lovers from far and wide to take a look at bikes large and small from all genres in one place.

The Concours does not judge on originality. With the age of some of the bikes on show, originality is a rare thing indeed.

Follow this link for more of the story and more pictures in the Redland City Bulletin